Zenegra a Strongly Recommended ED Drug

Zenegra is a strongly prescribed medication for men to remove sexual deficiency called impotence or erectile dysfunction. This medication is equivalent to its brand drug that is Viagra. It is a generic drug that matches to Viagra in each and every respect and is useful for the same purpose as Viagra does. The reason that Zenegra is more popular among men is because of its affordable price. Men can go for it N number of times without burning their pockets.

Sildenafil Citrate is the cheap chemical used to manufacture Zenegra 100mg pills. It is the same element that constitutes as the main part of branded Viagra also. Due to the production of an enzyme PDE5 man fails to successfully complete sexual activity. PSE5 enzyme is hinders men erection attaining power. The enzyme prevents the blood from going inside male organ due to which men are unable to complete the sexual activity.

Zenegra breaks down the PDE5 enzyme and replaces it with CGMP enzyme. It is essential to relax the arteries in the male sexual organ. This enzyme also supports blood to enter the male organ. Flexible arteries welcome the blood and causes strong and hard erection. Zenegra takes 30 minutes to complete the sexual activity. For complete satisfaction in the sexual activity one pill of this drug is to be taken one hour before the intercourse.

Zenegra is taken orally with water or with any fruit juice; however, water is more preferable. The drug is supposed to be taken as prescribed by the physician. For instance, it is important to swallow the pill as a whole. Do not take the pill with any heavy food such as meat or oily deep fried food. It is a strong recommendation by doctor not to exceed one pill in a day. Despite the results stick to the one pill of Zenegra only in a day.

Nitrates containing compounds are to be absolutely avoided with Zenegra 100mg pills. The drug and the nitrates immediately interact and the problem that crops is of sudden drop in blood pressure level. Men who are already patient of heart related diseases, kidney problems, blood pressure problems and liver problems should not take Zenegra. Likewise, grapefruit and alcohol are also harmful add-ons with these generic pills. Health comes at risk and men may have to suffer severely.

Some side effects that men may have to encounter after taking generic remedy are headache, vomiting, facial flushing, stomach upset, vision changes, light sensitivity, blurred vision, backache, muscle pain etc. Be calm and composed as these side effects have shorter life. Only if their stay last more than four hours, consult physician. Rare side effects of this generic drug are: heart attack, chest pain, high blood pressure, priapism, shortening of breath and severe headache. Men should take immediate medical aid for these side effects as they can turn life threatening without rightly treatment.

Erectile dysfunction is a severe medical condition though not painful. Timely treatment can only save men from lifelong nightmares. Zenegra is a ray of light that brushes the blues of impotence. No doubt men can buy other ED treatments and can test them on your impotence problem but Zenegra is the superior in all the drugs. To buy zenegra 100mg pills it is important to visit a trusted and faithful store that guarantees you the quality of the generic products. Dazzlemds.com a trusted and safe generic store for many men health and women health drugs like generic Viagra and Lovegra respectively. Eye care medications such as bimatoprost and brimonidine tartrate are also available at our online store. Simply go to www.dazzlemeds.com and buy your needed generic drug at very cheap prices.

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